Module enables full traceability of the movement and position of book-current. Application that is installed on a mobile device, invisible to the user - without the possibility of manipulation and disabling.

Server sends information to consider staying in one position, with detailed information about the visits, papers and postion.


Report on mileage and visits to clients by address.

Module that enables the collection, preservation and analysis of data in a database separate from the production. Getting quick reports for decision making.

Possibility of reports much faster - without burdening current production base.

View multidimensional reports by the user can create them according to the needs and desires.

Tools that we use to view, define and create reports - Microsoft Excel.


Create reusable report and the possibility of saving the report and redial.

1.       Module Weigher and their synchronization with the cashier.

This module allows connection of scales and cash registers in retail - automatic switching of price scales.


Transferring new products directly to the scale of the use of material work. Defining Artists who go on the scales and setting up a service that synchronizes data on stations in markets.


Module for the item prices in the markets. Merely asking enables marketing - an opportunity to lease advertising space for suppliers.


Listing of articles of action and navigate the list.

Integrated system for generating and processing of SMS that allows informing the targeted set of customers about new products, actions, promotions.

Attracting existing customers by approving discounts.

Opportunity to inform existing customers (buyers / suppliers) with information from the data in the current database (due balances, exceeded limit ...)


Monitoring the various reports generated and sent messages based on dates.

The module contains a complete solution for conducting mobile ordering on Android platforms. The module provides fast, reliable and simple data transfer to and from the ground. A clear description of the article (stock price) together with product catalog - pictures of articles.


The system consists of:

Software on the mobile device

Entry orders

Sending and receiving data via GPRS / 3

Програмски модул за комлетна  евиденција на вработените. Внес на детални податоци за степените на образование, работните позиции, лични податоци за вработениот. Можност за евиденција на годишни одмори, здравствени прегледи, обуки, доквалификации, евалуации. Можност за печатење на најразлични решенија директно од програмот.

An efficient and effective system that enables online buying and selling of good

Internet system for selling and ordering.

  • Buying any time from anywhere.
  • Information on supply of goods.
  • Pictorial products.

The Merchandise application program is an integrated system for keeping records of Presentation of products.

A complete solution for information system:

  • Proof of representative products
  • Its presentation of their products and competitive
  • Determination of route

The application program EARHIVA enables electronic archiving for all incoming documents, outgoing and internal, identification of documents by different attributes: the number of archiving, date of the document, the date of archiving, organizational unit, costumers.

Electronic archiving of documents

  • Enables electronic archiving of all incoming, outgoing and internal documents.
  • Distribution of archival documents specified by subcategories

The IMOS application program represents an integrated system for mobile orders and sale. IMOS transfer enables fast and secure data to and from the ground so that the latest information is available on the device at any time.

The integrated system for mobile orders and sales.

  • Software for mobile devices
  • Incoming orders
  • Sending and receiving data via GPRS / 3G

The CFMA application program represents an integrated system for running materialistic complex financial affairs of companies, which generally covers accounting and commercial work. CFMA has been implemented in thousands of company activities and wholesale trade, distribution and manufacturing. The program is developed in the Microsoft Visual. Net, and based in Microsoft SQL Server.

Below are the modules for Informational Systems:

  • Wholesalers
  • Retail
  • Financial Accounting

The software module Recepcija presents the implementation of the overall work at the Comapny Reception. Definition of different categories of rooms and pricelist.

Implementation of the work at the reception

  • Definition of different categories of rooms and pricelist
  • Prepartion of restaurant bills and automatic acceptance

Application for management of the whole coffee bars and restaurants.

Full management of cafes and restaurants

  • Determination of norms
  • Determination of tournaments
  • Order online system

WMS (Warehouse Management System) – is an application for managing wholesale warehouses.

Managing work in wholesale warehouses

  • Inventory control and deadlines
  • Fast delivery
  • Efficiency gains in job growth

Software module for routing, it is used for the analysis of attendance by the traveller traders.

A software module for the route.

  • Analysis of attendance shops by traveller traders.
  • Defining a daily plan with vending locations for every traveller.

Plata application program represents an integrated system to devise payroll calculations using different methods.

How to calculate wages quickly?

  • Calculation of wages and salaries according to complete wage reform.
  • Automatic generation of electronic form MPIN